Throughout the year, Waushakum hosts events open to visitors. Usually, there will be someone at the track by 8:30 or 9:00AM and until the late afternoon.  However, all depends on when members arrive and decide to leave.  No one is required to be there.  We are members of Waushakum because we have a passion for this great hobby.

For your safety and that of all involved, please abide by all of our rules, and enjoy your visit!

Thinking of bringing your locomotive? Please read our safety and operating rules  and visitor information.

2020 Event Schedule


19th Annual Van Brocklin Meet

Sunday, June 21

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

18th NMRA Hub Division Meet

Sunday, July 19

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

50th Annual Meet

August 28, 29, & 30

Trains pass on the mainline during the Annual Meet



* Please note, many engineers are willing to give rides but most equipment is owned and operated by members who are free to choose if they want to give rides.