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    • Hi Pat, I thought when my cousins the Hannas from Ashland told me about this place I knew that I would find your name here someplace. Brought back memories of you and my grandfather Jaw, George Sherman and my aunt Louise Ghelli and your mom? You were alway a fixture with Jaws trains and all us kids getting rides on the train and torcher rides out back. Hope you are well and glad to chat about the times a Shermans in Braggville.

  1. I visited the Waushakum RR layout in th e 1970’s. We were invisted by Leonard Ayers the cousinn of my husbands father, Raymond Ayers. Our children loved the experience of riding on the cars.

  2. I am not a member, Though I am a small-time hobby railroader in N, HO, O and G scales, and I spend a lot of time online perusing about trains and am currently researching “Ride-on” model railroading for no other reason than my curiousity.

    This club looks really cool. I noticed that there have been no newsletters posted beyond about the start of the pandemic. I hope all is well at this club, and that it is still active because it looks like such a cool thing for people to do. I am a disabled person who just works 16 hours a week, has little income, and I am fairly reclusive so I don’t know that there is much for me to do in terms of this club but I do live in CT not too far away, and do like talking to folks online about trains so I thought I would leave a comment on here! Best wishes, Sherman

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