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  1. In reading the June issue of Antique Power, I read your ad on page 9 about your tractor and backhoe. The tractor is a Massey Ferguson Workbull 202, which is the industrial version of the Massey Ferguson 35 farm tractor.
    The backhoe is a Pippin Deluxe Model WF104. It was manufactured by the Cone Automatic Machine Co., Inc. of Windsor, VT. It was distributed by Pippin Construction Equipment Inc. of White River Jct., VT. Pippin backhoes were built during the 1950’s and into the early 1960’s. Hope this sheds some light about your machines identity.
    I have some information on the Pippin backhoe if your are interested.

    Ross S. Goodyear
    Ellenburg Ctr., NY

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