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  1. HI all
    What I remember about Bud , he was always at the old track , running his 3/4″ 0-4-0 cambelback with his freight train . And whenever you saw Bud , Walter Bush was not far behind. The two of them were the best of friends, and for the most part always attended Steam meets together , both of these gentleman were very well liked among the members .

  2. HI All
    Chuck Abraham, along with Dick Bourinot & I jointed the club in 1971, We got to know Chuck pretty well , he was a Boston & Albany railroad fan . At that time he was living in Holliston on Norfolk St. Chuck always had his of trains , but that changed when he met Nancy . Chuck and Nancy during the early days at Norfolk St did the cooking at the cooktent. Chuck was known for his Ballast Burgers , they would stick with you all day . Chuck did play a very inportant part for the club, in getting the property that we now own . Chuck along with Bud Hansen will be missed .

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