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  1. Yesterday, I happened to go past Oak St on Washington St (16) just W of 126 cutoff and was surprised to see what appeared to be a NEW sign with an arrow pointing down Oak St with WLS printed underneath.

    I followed them down to where the road is closed on account of culvert washout just East of Karen Circle (about 30 feet past a WLS arrow pointed right at the trench..

    These new signs appear to be the same as the older ones they replaced and are currently invalid as posted in WLS Websight.

    As you know, there are many, many cars that come that way to go to the show who are NOT members and would Not Know of the culvert washout and road closure.

    All of the people in Medway (for example) that I’ve told about the show are Not Club members ($$ donors in the jugs many of them) would continue to follow those direction and would be highly frustrated to hit the “Road Closed” so close to the meet and have to drive all the way back to RT 16.

    Why NOT a WLS DETOUR sign with ‘Arrow” pointing “2 miles on the right” and appropriate ‘arrows’ along the way to the spot.

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