Thank you Joe Ng!

Thank you to Joe Ng,

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Joe Ng for his energy, patience and willingness to share this great hobby with people that are new to it.  I have had a love of trains, modeled and collected since I was born.  I did not learn about the Waushakum Live Steamers until this past fall, 2010.  I came to the neighborhood appreciation gathering in October.  I talked to several members and road around the track 3-4 times.  I joined WLS that day.  The two kids I had in tote also had a blast.  Since then I have been setting my sights on buying my own live steam locomotive.

When Joe Ng offered to show anyone who wanted, how to steam up a locomotive at the last monthly meeting I signed up.  Joe was very open, helpful and informative. Not only did I get to help steam up his locomotive, but he also let me take it for a run around the track!  Joe sat behind me and rattled off instructions when needed.  This was such a fantastic experience for me and also unexpected.  I was hoping to get a ride behind the locomotive not to actually drive it.  This has only strengthened my enthusiasm for this new realm of trains for me.  I feel that Joe is a real asset to the club and want to offer my sincere thanks.

Joe, thank you so much!
-Brian Cunningham

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